bic stylus note taking app

tailor made for stylus input on tablets

This app is intended to be a flexible platform for taking notes with a stylus while reinforcing the Bic brand. A beginning-to-end user flow needed to be considered for a multitude of tasks, ranging from drawing, to typing, to adding pictures, as well as organzing pages and files.

Fitting a lot of functionality in the app while maintaining a large open workspace was paramount.

Fun expressive menus

Reinforcing Bic products as well as the overall Bic brand, which values creativity, expression, and craftiness, played a major role in both the look and feel as well as the implementation of menus.

Menus for different pen styles, adding photos, and adding shapes.

Page and file management

In addition to editing individual documents, the app required a robust interface for managing pages and documents. Even these clerical tasks still needed to feel fun and on-brand.

Distinct icon motifs help differentiate page functions, file functions, and tools.