ad campaign activation platform

Ad delivery with unprecidented control

The “Fabric” platform is a full service interface for running targeted ad campaigns. Built from the ground up to be robust enough for campaign management professionals, but accessible enough for the lay-person, it offers an array of tools for controlling the delivery of online ads.

I collaborated with product managers, engineers, and users to design several important features for the platform. For example, the below image contains functionality for searching user targeting segments and organizing them into groups.

With segment descriptions sometimes exceeding 100 characters in length, I strove for a compact solution that did not require any truncation.

Campaign Snapshot

Fabric provides extensive, detailed information for those who wish to find it, but sometimes, Campaign and Account Managers want to quickly take the pulse of a campaign without digging too deep. For this reason, I designed the campaign snapshot, which allows them to create a customized view of important goals and metrics relevant to their campaign. The snapshot even indicates whether a campaign is on track to meet goals, and offers more information and helpful suggestions when a goal is not being met.


The Fabric feature set is vast, so it was important to bear in mind that sometimes, simpler is better. Complex UIs can overwhelm the user, so when there was an opportunity to keep things simple, we took it.