ad tech brand materials

engaging. beautiful. insightful.

Visible Measures Corp. is mainly concerned with running effective targeted ad campaigns, and providing data analysis that is insightful and actionable. The challenge these tasks present when designing marketing materials is that numbers and charts are not inherently exciting or engaging.

To combat this issue, I developed a visual style that provided bright, clear, and legible materials which were inviting, not imposing. By working closely with Sales and Product Marketing experts, I crafted stories told with a combination of words and visuals working in tandem, all falling neatly under the Visible Measures brand identity (more on that here).

Under my direction, our pitch, proposal, marketing, and reporting materials grew from scrappy start-up to ad-tech powerhouse.

Charts and data you actually want to explore.

slides + decks

Decks are a key component of any marketing and sales effort. I employed a colorful, clean system designed to be light and welcoming. I also created templates, artwork, and layouts which others could use to make their own slides and decks.

Many of the charts and graphs present in these materials are custom made, but I also developed templates with built-in styles which matched the custom designs closely.

website content/design

The Visible Measures website has a LOT of copy, so a layout that is clean and easily scannable is necessary. Bold, descriptive headers paired with clean illustrations that clarify points enable visitors who don’t wish to read every word to quickly grasp major concepts.

Read more about brand materials on my Brand ID page.