advertising analytics platform

Insights into campaign performance

The “True Reach Inisghts” platform allows brands to evaluate their video ad performance against their industry or competitive set. I collaborated with Product Managers and Engineers to redesign the app based on a wealth of new data that had become available.

At the highest level, the platform can display the relative viewership, time spent, and cost within a competitive set. Most of the insights the platform delivers are derived from comparing these three figures, so I chose a stacked arrangement of bar graphs to make these comparisons effortless.

In the above example, Cadillac, in orange, has spent very little but secured a large percentage of total views within this set. Not bad!

Instant Analysis

This highest-level section of the platform is designed to help users quickly glean insights which will inform their deeper exploration into individual brands, campaigns, and creatives. To make this even more frictionless, relevant breakdowns and comparisons are accessible at right, and can be changed by selecting the radio buttons below the appropriate bar graph.

subscription ready

Brand and Campaign managers will often wish to keep an eye on their queries week over week, in order to stay appraised of their place among their competition. By enabling users to subscribe to a weekly email based on their existing input (or an edited version, if they wish) a full report will arrive in their inbox with no additional effort on their part.

Including thumbnails of each graph helps to bridge the transition between the main interface and the modal email subscription environment.