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who is dan?

I began my creative career at the age of three, when I taped a paper cup to the end of a cardboard tube and called it a rocket ship. Since then, my materials have changed, but I’d like to think I’ve retained the ability to unearth the extraordinary hiding in the mundane. I was brought up on the classics (Tom Petty cassette tapes and Batman cartoons) and found my own outlets in art, music, and writing. I was never much for coloring inside the lines, but I sure enjoy coming up with my own things.

After some formal education at Quinnipiac University, I struck out into the world of design and haven’t looked back. It turns out the mingling of UX, UI, and code suits me just fine, and the left and right brain really can get along. It’s exactly that cognitive cooperation that allows me to see projects from a functional AND an aesthetic viewpoint. Designing apps, sites, and experiences that look as great as they perform is what I’m all about.

Beyond the day job, I consume media of all sorts with a voracious appetite, brew and enjoy malt beverages, ponder the universe, and climb the ocassional mountain. Take a look at my work, and if I sound like the right man for the job, contact me and let’s get started.

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Phone and email are the quickest ways to get in touch with me.
cell: 609.651.2651
Drop a line and let’s start the conversation. I look forward to hearing from you!